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Die Alben:
masque (1982)
not only mad (1991)
king laurin and his rosegarden (1994)
live at carambolage (1997)
cube (2000)




there she stands, beneath the neon lightened skies
looking at me as if her promises were lies
there she laughs, her body's sucked up every ounce of bliss
the happiness she could hardly bear to miss
(she) flies in the shelter of a warm and velvet night
floating around between the dark side and the light
she said this feeling is pure
while love is an endless fake
'cause I feel so insecure
'bout the choice I have to make (for ourselves)
I drive her away
city lights rush over and the pain
I feel inside turns my future into grey
the suburbs lies still,
the factories crushing every sign of life
just two lost souls
moving stiffly to some jive

... to wash off my fear again
not to be the only one
that time when she'll be gone

night zone

big time, the lights of the pub are too bright to my eyes as I move around
you're fine, dressed up like a honey flavoured dancing queen
sounds hot, your voice in the air hits the nerve of my lust like a beating drum,
say what, this fake plastic world I'd always touch and never see
we change place, the drunk small sucker at the bar was in search of a lucky shag
you change face, skin is dark and pale lips meet a camel light, a push up, a nose full of powder ant the eyes of a wild and arising glow, we won't stop, shackled with the hope of finding higher love
are you holding back the tears, are you screaming what it means to me
are you creeping off in fear, are you screaming let it show to me what it means to me
you gotta see, the world is going crazy anyway, you must believe, the night is yours alone
daytime the sun in the sky is too bright to my eyes as I've had enough
no sign, you keep an talking
whether you are high or low. I give up
I can't find release in my heart for my mind
is a desert plain
we won't stop, shackled with hope of finding higher love
you gotta find an answer
to put away the heartache

out of sight

lay all your doubts and secrets down
and let your darkest feelings drown
I'll show you the garden of delights
no broken dreams between your sheets
no disappointment on your seats
to carry on these sleepless nights

I used to see her every night
but she was always out of sight
I turned away, she turned me on
I fell in love and she was gone

oh so much time to spend with you
and situations to go through
scared that your touch could make me die
but every word you told in vain
is rising up in me again
bitter truth and sweetest lie

now take your hopes and follow me
my burning love will set you free
break out and leave it all behind
here is the truth you long to find

never look back

on the top, the ladder's top
like spiders in their net
no one can stop'em
no one can tell the good from the bad
we should say that justice has its way
in this swamp of crime it's a cogent law until the end of time
deception never stops, a shameless grin for money's sticking in their ass
preaching water drinking wine, pretend they got nothing to confess
so what's the price for truth behind the lies
a slap in the face if it's what they want, they can put me through my pace
I don't care what they want
we have to go our own way baby, don't despair, it's all wrong, we're growing strong
we'll never ever know the time is wrong
if we have to fight or sing along
the world is reaching out for a symphony of sound
and never look back with lonely staring eyes
we could change, really change our twisted point of view
tear down the walls
creating the space for something new


the days are passing slowly
we're growing older killing time
so comfortably but lonely
without reason or a rhyme
I'm not scared, I'm not scared
of giving up this life
but I can't but I can't I can't say goodbye no, not tonight

you gave me fever, you have to leave
and I can't take it anymore, can't take it anymore
so many reasons, sunny seasons, I can't take it anymore, take it anymore

I woke up from a strange dream
felt like ringing in my head
the traces of the sunbeam
dried the tears upon my bed
it was you who got through
mystical mountain sides
now it's me, wish to be free
escaping on the tide
yeah, tonight
I know that it's not fair 'cause you were always there
sitting endlessly and caring when I hardly lost my way
but there's nothing left untold, leave you in the cold, just be sure, nothing left to say
find yourself on a distant ocean shore
holy waters in the place you're searching for release
your trembling soul bird then you'll know
the only thing that matters isn't love

final curtain

trough this narrow window
I can see the world outside
behind this narrow window
in cold artificial light

they try to keep me away from the gloominess
better get out of this stuffy prison cell 'fore
I loose my consciousness

radiation strikes me
poison flows in my veins
I crave for sweet oblivion
chemicals mash my brain
maybe there's something over there
when we're dead and gone
oh Lord please would you take me in
I'm your prodigal son

holding you tight love you all night
sleeping while pain is getting stronger (to me)
please don't ask me why I'm gonna die
think I will hold you no longer
your hands may bring me healing
a glimpse of a better place
carry me off from his world I'm lost in a deadly maze

I only want to fade away my time is running out
my soul will leave its cage at least
nothing to worry about
my life wasn't long enough to show
but short enough to know
the things that cause the people to laugh and cry
and I remember all the names the beautiful remains
but everything's indifferent when you have to die

white trash

your hot glance upon my dress is showing me what I guess
it makes me feel so confused I know I won't ever refuse
seems like hundreds of you man are dancing faster than they can
your shadow's fading away like sinners do with their prayers
so just come around - baby don't be so proud - like a lady
look at me appropriately (don't let me down down down down)
while thoughts are changing in vain like white trash
in my brain don't mind whatever will be I'm just falling down
to the knees everything in mind is chaotic the smell around
so exotic it's hurting like a thousand nails no matter male or female
can't stop that untidy moving that beastly part inside's growing nothing is keeping me there nothing can hurt or can scare
I'm falling down - I'm falling .... down ....


slackers load up on cheep speed
wilfully detuned blues explosion meets
gargling piss and rusty nails at night
makes you feel like pope on dynamite
it isn't me it's what I wanna be
it's what I wanna be now honey what you'll never be
a melting pot of various sonic styles an overload
of strange melody files big beat bastard with tattoos
on the ass metamorphosing into armour plated noise
co-operation in an age of pretty maids
recorded on a shoestring budget
recognized .... we got together hypnotized
of course you say whatever
bugger me it's the ladder no opportunity
overeducated feeded with philosophy
thunderstorm beats blast out
heavy artillery earthdrum warping big beat in a surgery
well now I found this sentences are strange to me
ain't that a pity, when all the words can jump and swirl before me that is so pretty

lakes of crystal waters

outside it was a rainy day and so I felt inside
the water set her demons free she always tried to hide
she wants to get away leave this world in silence running from her useless and misleading things to make sure again
that's no place to stay tumbling and fall down and nothingness could open up its healing hands hold her close and safe
and no one was around
she stared into the pouring rain the blade in trembling hands
no future to look forward to just prayers for the end
she wants to get away on wings of guardian angels
flying over fields of joy and tenderness with a holy smile
a place for her to stay and lakes of crystal waters
where the sky is high and thoughts are free
she'd really love to ...
I know she'd really love to fly to be alive she had to die
This city never lost a tear 'cause everything's born dead
A songbird spread its wings and flew into the sunset's red

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