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Die Alben:
masque (1982)
not only mad (1991)
king laurin and his rosegarden (1994)
live at carambolage (1997)
cube (2000)


king laurin and his rosegarden

Georg Lang: drums, percussion
Thomas Pichler: bass
Manni Kaufmann: keyboards
Manfred Schweigkofler: vocals
Christoph Senoner: guitars, voice Firebird on 'The Encounter'
Esther Silbernagl: flute on 'The Rose Of Memory'
Annalisa Pasqualotto: vocals
Erica Corbellini: vocals
Edward Martin: narrator
Ashley Martin: dwarfs on 'The Rose Of Memory'
Wendy Martin: a girl on 'The Rose Of Memory'
Günther Falser: voice Whittaker on 'The Encounter'

all songs written, composed and arranged by mad puppet
recorded: spring 1994 at Newport-Studios
produced by mad puppet and Peter Wustmann for WMMS
paintings: Eduard Burgauner
art work: Gabi Veit (socom & Pierre)
1.The Rose Of Memory (Once Upon A Time)20:28 28,1MB
2.The Rosegarden (Woe Be To You)5:59 8,2MB
3.The Robbery (If I Can´t Steal Your Heart I Can Steal You)3:58 5,4MB
4.The Heroes (The Rabble Cries For Heroes)5:54 8,1MB
5.The Ride (Never Say Die!)4:16 5,8MB
6.The Encounter (Gentlemen´s Agreement)5:13 7,2MB
7.The Mediation (I Did Never Touch Her Purity)4:26 6,1MB
8.The Court Of Laurin (The Last Word Has Not Yet Been Said)4:01 5,5MB
9.The Battle (instrumental)7:18 10,0MB
10.The Spell (Roses Should Never Be Seen There Again)3:27 4,7MB
11.The Alpglow (instrumental)0:30 0,7MB
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